Tuesday, May 09, 2006

i am IT

..because i got tagged by Jo...

i loved being IT...it gave me the freedom to wreak havoc...i could chase anyone i chose to [well i guess i still do that but in a different sense]...and i was very comfortable knowing that i ran faster than most of those that i hung out with [well not anymore...a potbelly does little to help....hmm not entirely...it does cushion the fall when someone shoves me from behind]...i can begin to digress and never play the role of IT....and no-one would like that...

while i am IT, you play by my rules....i am not going to be lame and think of five things for each of these...

guilty pleasures
- "just five more minutes" while splayed out in front of the tv especially when there is an exam of some sort round the bend
- Unreal tournament and yahoo conversations while at work [God bless Alt-Tab]

things i never want to forget
- coffees on sunday mornings in Bangalore
- the feeling of home
- laughs and conversations shared, particularly those with ghulaam saab
- pictures from the first burmese rosewood weekend
- the slightest of drizzles through the window while laying on my bed
- the feeling of walking on grass
- the light-headed feeling when i lost my memory for a day [thanks to Taps]
- the patterns on my ceiling [from Fall 2004]
- the people that stood by me when it was dark
- magic
- the rain at Solstice 2005

things i wish to forget
- a conversation with a crush from high school [shamefully i laugh when i recount it]
- the same patterns on my ceiling
- a disastrous date not too long ago [Crash is not a good date-movie and Taps is a biatch]
- some online conversations [and how i wish i could get them to forget it too]

unforgettable dishes [edited from 'really exotic dishes i have tried']
- the chicken steak at Victoria House [i have repeatedly claimed that each bite had a 1000 orgasms per minute packed into it]
- lamb tiks at a couple of Ethiopian food places
- avocado shake [yes i know it is a drink...but i think you are forgetting the title of this blog entry]
- green mussels at Takas and the Crazy Chef roll at Samurai
- toast and omelettes on Saturday mornings from a long time ago
- the rice dumplings at Herbs and Spice, Bangalore

crushes [this is more like a confession darnit]
- swift runner from the Emerald house in high school
- ex-neighbor in Bangalore
- ex-colleague with whom i watched Crash

close brushes with death/danger
no brush with death that i can recollect…so i guess there isn’t anything that exciting yet…

strangest dream
used to be quite a common dream when i was little....and seems like it occurred more when i was unwell...this dinosaur-scale lizard would chase me all over my house with obvious intentions...i would run, dodge and hide...and it would take bites of me every now and then while i would yell, scream and run some more.... i remember waking up thoroughly scared.... beats me as to how i developed this nightmare coz this was a decade before Jurassic Park even came out....

preferable modes of suicide
what kinda crap is this? i would not ‘prefer’ suicide over life….but if i have to have to then maybe:
standing in the middle of the interstate and trying to embrace a semi heading towards me…strangely i am more comfortable with a semi than a train…a definite no that…

favorite characters [edited from 'favorite superhero']

i like Superman for being the only true superhero that needed to create a human identity....but that does not qualify him as my favorite...i do have a bunch of characters that i like though none are superheroes....

Dexter, Calvin, Granny Weatherwax and Santiago to name a few...

people on my hate list
the slate is rather black….don’t make me reach for the chalk…

most valued personal possessions

i had to think about this for a bit...
- a bunch of emails
- a bunch of pictures and notes that i have collected over time

- a shiny spoon

and now that i am done chasing keys on the keyboard for this particular round, i guess it’s only but fair that i tag someone….so index-finger touching Ruth, Sus, Trips and Dilettante


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love you for keeping that slate rather black ...

Monday, May 29, 2006 11:05:00 AM  
Blogger P said...

Ghulab saheb? Sounds familiar. The ghazal singer?

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 10:17:00 PM  
Anonymous crash(ed) said...

i see i made it on to your list of "things i wish to forget" - quite flattering :p

Sunday, June 04, 2006 10:15:00 PM  
Blogger ritwika said...

i don't know you, but strangely, i loved reading this post of yours.

and you have a good taste in music!

like your style of writing, bookmarked you. ;-)

Monday, June 12, 2006 1:50:00 AM  

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